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Educational Philosophy

Overview of Philosophy
                Education is a very important part of someone’s life. Teachers are a key in making sure that students can achieve their highest potential in the classroom. A teacher’s role is not easy, but it is something that one should have a passion for doing.
                I want the students in my classroom to achieve as much as they possibly can. Teachers and Students alike have plentiful responsibilities. I also hold myself and my students to the highest standards; I hold the same expectations for each student and hope to create an enjoyable learning environment for my students. My philosophy mainly draws ideas from the Progressivism Philosophy and Constructivist Theory.
Why Education
                Elementary students are so special because they are still being molded into the person that they are going to become. Every experience helps shape them. Having an effective teacher at this age is extremely important. The teacher could be the basis of the decision if the students likes school or wants to continue school later in life. Teachers of students at this age help develop a students’ desire to learn. This can be done by someone who possesses enthusiastic, warm, caring and humorous characteristics.
                Everybody perceives knowledge in many different ways. Knowledge is the ability to comprehend and apply gained information to real life situations. Anything that you can learn and put to use is worth knowing. With this being said, Math, Social Studies, Science and English are not the only things that students should learn while in school.
                Education is a structured way to give all students an equal opportunity to learn. Students should learn the core curriculum material as well as life lessons and socialization skills that they will put to use for the rest of their lives.

Roles and Responsibilities Throughout the Classroom
                Teaching comes with many roles and responsibilities. In my classroom I am be responsible for the well being of my students. I am also responsible to ensure that every student has an equal opportunity to learn. I can achieve this by holding no biases or opinions about students and holding the same standards for each student. I am also sure to always ask my students if they have questions to help farther develop their learning and to help them feel comfortable with me as their educator.
                I am not just the teacher; I am a facilitator of learning in our classroom. The classroom does not just belong to me; it should belong to the students as well. The room should be something that they have helped developed and a place where they will feel comfortable. I should guide their learning by allowing them to discuss and asking questions to help them develop correct ideas and conclusions on their own rather than just feeding them information.
                It is also my responsibility to be a life long learner. By becoming a life long learner I am always willing to learn from other colleagues and even my students. Students can teach me in ways that some people can not. Students give me first hand experience on what my expectations should be, what they are capable of and how they learn best.  I also plan to take classes to farther my knowledge after I begin my career in Education. Everybody has an opportunity to learn everyday, and I utilize every one of those opportunities.
                Students also have many roles and responsibilities in the classroom. Students should be prepared and ready to learn every time they enter the classroom. This means, students should always be willing to try their hardest and reach their highest potential. My students will also be responsible for being good role models for their peers and younger children in the school, by following the classroom and school rules. I offer a discipline plan in my classroom that gives positive and negative reinforcements. This way, the students who do follow the rules will be recognized. Lastly, my students will be responsible for wanting to learn as much as they can
                I expect the same effort out of every student. My main goal for my students is to ensure that they have every opportunity available to learn. I expect for my students to be challenged and pushed to their highest ability. I help my students meet these goals by being supportive and challenging my students. I am prepared to teach my students the curriculum and challenge them to always do better than the last.

Creating a Future
                The best way for students to learn is using a constructivist approach. My philosophy on how children learn best is taken mainly from the constructivist theory and the Progressivism Philosophy of education.  In my classroom, students will be the center of the activities. Students will interact with one another and exchange ideas to develop their own opinions. Students will also be involved in mostly hands-on activities that relate to the real world. I act more of a Facilitator of learning and will guide my students to understand important ideas. I also do my best to meet every students needs in the classroom. However, if it is not possible, I am sure to find outside help from other professionals.
                When a student needs more help then I can provide them, I am sure to do whatever it takes to make sure they receive that help. I collaborate with parents, community members, colleagues, staff and professionals to develop ways to ensure all the students are learning. I continually keep progress reports on each student in my classroom to help me keep track of my students’ progress and make sure nobody falls behind.
                My classroom Environment should also be very warm, inviting and a place where students want to be. I achieve this by effective decorating, but not too much to overwhelm the students or distract them from learning. My students will also help build the classroom to make it their own, because it will be their classroom as well. I provide adequate resources for students to complete tasks and projects that I may ask them. All of my students should feel comfortable in my classroom; this will help them want to learn.

                With the aspects I have discussed, I hope to create a positive and beneficial learning environment for every student who enters my classroom. Education is a huge part of life and each student should be given an equal chance for a quality education. When a student enters my classroom that is what they will receive.